Calendar of Events

McGraw Center Faculty Workshop: Flipping the Classroom

Zoom Princeton

Increasingly, instructors are embracing the flipped classroom as a way to encourage active learning. In a flipped classroom, students engage with course content outside of class (often via short recorded lecture segments) and then complete higher-level, more challenging activities during class, often with their peers. In this "How to/Why to" session, we will discuss the […]

The End of Popular Participation? City Politics in Post-Imperial Hispania

209 Scheide Caldwell House 209 Scheide Caldwell House

By the sixth century, political, social, and demographic changes brought traditional popular urban participation in late antique Hispania to an end. This crisis, however, did not result in a complete abandonment of non-elite participation. While sources tend to downplay the intervention of non-elite actors and favor the view of a "universal" consensus, the written evidence […]

“The ‘Long Road’ to the Identification of the Worshipped Deity – The Case of the Sanctuary of Demeter on Mount Ithome in Ancient Messene”

203 Scheide Caldwell 203 Scheide Caldwell

Until recently, the small Hellenistic temple built on the southern slope of Mount Ithome in ancient Messene was identified with the sanctuary of Eileithyia, the goddess of childbirth, and the Kouretes mentioned by Pausanias. New evidence, however, has come to light during excavations between 2006-2013, expanding our knowledge of the identity of the goddess the […]

From The Tokyo Toilet to Perfect Days

Arthur Lewis Auditorium, Robertson Hall NJ

In 2020, the public toilet renovation project, “THE TOKYO TOILET” commenced in Shibuya, Tokyo. Representing Japan and featuring 16 internationally renowned creators, including architects at the forefront, this project brought the world’s highest level of creativity and design to the often-overlooked realm of urban architecture – the public toilet. It successfully introduced new value. In […]

Anschutz Lecture – Activism at the Intersections of Race and Youth: Prairie View A&M University, Black Colleges & the Fight for Voting Rights

010 East Pyne Princeton

Melanye T. Price is Associate Professor of Africana Studies and Political Science at Rutgers—New Brunswick. Dr. Price is an Endowed Professor of Political Science at Prairie View A&M University and principal investigator for their African American Studies Initiative, which is funded by the Mellon Foundation. She is the author of The Race Whisperer: Barack Obama […]

Tanner Lectures on Human Values: “The Last Dystopia: Historicizing the Anthropocene Debate in an Age of Multipolarity: Lecture 1–Beyond the Unipolar Moment”

ABSTRACT: In the last 25 years the concept of the Anthropocene has emerged as a master category for thinking the contemporary environmental crisis. As much as it has energized the humanities and social sciences, the concept has been criticized for falsely postulating a collective human agent of environmental destruction. In the 2023 Tanner lectures, Adam […]

EHL Seminar: “The Long Shadow of the 536 CE Event”

209 Scheide Caldwell 209 Scheide Caldwell, Princeton

Speaker: Lee Mordechai, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Shelby Cullom Davis Center Fellow 2023-24) *Light refreshments will be served starting at 4:00 pm.* Registration is required for virtual attendance only. Zoom registration link. Find more information on the EHL website. This seminar is organized by The Environmental History Lab (EHL), an interdisciplinary program affiliated with the […]

LLL Presents Melvin Rogers & Eddie Glaude – “The Darkened Light of Faith: Race, Democracy, and Freedom in African American Political Thought”

Princeton Public Library

Could the African American political tradition save American democracy? Melvin Rogers provides a bold new account of African American political thought through the works and lives of individuals who built this vital tradition and discusses this tradition with Eddie Glaude, one of this country’s foremost public intellectuals helping to shape the conversation about race in […]

L’Avant-Scène presents “Le Iench” by Eva Doumbia

Whitman College Class of 1970 Theater

As part of Eva Doumbia's Short-Term Scholar visit in the Council of the Humanities and Department of French and Italian, L'Avant-Scène presents her play "Le Iench" (2020). 11-year-old Drissa, born in France of Malian descent, moves into a small-town house with his parents, twin sister, and little brother. He dreams of a family like those […]

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