Funding Opportunities

The Humanities Council supports a wide array of faculty, graduate, and undergraduate projects related to humanistic inquiry.

Rapid Response Magic Grants

As the disruption of the pandemic and other pressures of the moment demand pathbreaking responses from humanists, the Humanities Council is offering innovation grants for projects to begin in Spring 2021.

Magic Grants for Innovation

The Magic Project provides innovation grants ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 to Princeton faculty members, thanks to the generosity of Lynn Shostack, in memory of her husband, David A. Gardner ’69.

Team Teaching Grants

Through the David A. Gardner Magic Project, the Council invites pairs or groups of Princeton faculty members to apply for summer stipends of $7500 to develop team-taught undergraduate courses that reach beyond a single department / unit and are explicitly interdisciplinary in their conception.

Visiting Faculty

Our fellowship programs bring distinguished scholars to Princeton to contribute to the campus’s flourishing intellectual community for a full semester or shorter periods.

Research Professorships

Programs that provide additional research time for Princeton faculty members and to enhance the humanities community more broadly and the opportunity to teach in an interdisciplinary cadre for the Program in Humanistic Studies.

Working Groups

The Council provides funds, connections, and logistical support for faculty and research staff who wish to establish or maintain interdisciplinary reading and discussion groups.

Faculty Outreach Grants

Funds are available to support public humanities ventures, such as events in collaboration with public institutions such as high schools, community colleges, or prisons; co-sponsorships with nonprofit or community organizations; or programming to bring the humanities to wide attention. Eligible expenses include travel, lodging, and materials.


The Council provides co-sponsorship for humanities-related programs, including conferences, workshops, colloquia, lectures, readings / performances, interdisciplinary courses, and reading groups.

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