Innovation and Collaboration

The Council sparks initiatives that redefine the frontiers of teaching and research. We invest in and guide visionaries through Magic Grants, Team Teaching Grants, and Exploratory Grants in Collaborative Humanities. To fuse insights from the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering, we host interdisciplinary seminars, lectures, conferences, and working groups. We build supportive environments where faculty and graduate students present their work to peers who question, challenge, and test it. Enriching Princeton’s intellectual community with distinguished visitors, our fellowship programs host scholars, artists, and writers such as journalists from around the world.

Global Perspectives

Through multi-year research and teaching collaborations, the Council is developing new humanities networks on five continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and South America. We link institutions in countries including the United States, China, Russia, Japan, France, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. With our advice and resources, faculty create Breakthrough Seminars reaching beyond the traditional classroom, or across disciplinary boundaries, to intensify as well as internationalize learning. Our students thus report news from overseas, and visit Greece or Rome to see the roots of Western civilization.

Public Humanities

In collaboration with local organizations and individuals, the Council invites people of all backgrounds to delve into University discoveries. We co-host the sole North American hub of Being Human, the international festival of the humanities. This town-gown event series gathers New Jersey residents to explore the findings of faculty, students, and staff. Our Public Humanities Working Group probes how Princeton’s humanistic achievements can shape cultural values, service, and activism. Through Outreach Grants, we fund faculty and graduate students who share their expertise with audiences beyond campus. Our Rapid Response Magic Grants address pressing societal concerns, such as by bolstering scholarship and community amid social distancing.

Confronting Racism

The Council strategically incubates projects that tackle systemic racism, along with the inequality and injustice it engenders. Topics include COVID-19, police violence, educational disparities, and climate change. Partnering humanities scholars with artists, activists, scientists, and journalists, we deepen understanding, foster difficult conversations, and catalyze reform.

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