Global Initiatives

The Humanities Council’s Global Initiatives are ambitious multi-year research and teaching collaborations that are developing new networks in South East Asia, Africa, Europe, China, Russia and Eastern Europe, and North and South America.

  • Land, Language and Art
    Sarah Rivett (English, American Studies) with Simon Morrison (Music, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Fund for Canadian Studies); Bryan Just (Art & Archaeology); Laura Kalin (Linguistics, Humanities Council); Tessa Desmond (American Studies); Daniel Rubenstein (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

This new three-year project, from the Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative at Princeton, supports initiatives to foster new methodologies and modes of knowledge production in three areas of research and learning that are central to Indigenous Studies: land, language, and art.

  • Rome Archive and Library Seminar
    Anthony Grafton (History)

This three-year grant provides partial support for a summer graduate seminar held in Rome, in partnership with the University of Notre Dame, where students will study archives in the Vatican Library and Archive, the National Library, and the Jesuit Archive, and allow curators and scholars to share their experience working with these materials.


This ongoing collaboration aims to transform the research, study, and teaching of antiquity, broadly at Princeton, in hopes of providing a model for similar change elsewhere. This grant supports a wide range of activities including conferences, workshops, course development, and long-term and short-term academic visitors. 

This ongoing initiative supports a working group of literary scholars from both sides of the Atlantic dedicated to promoting the comparative study of humanities. The project aims to develop a new definition of “networking” within the humanities by hosting workshops featuring faculty and students for sustained discussions.

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