Humanities Council Working Groups

Bodies of Knowledge

Bodies of Knowledge: Questions of embodiment are engaged through medical humanities, disability studies, aesthetics, and environmental studies.

Archival Silences

Archival Silences: Archivists and scholars examine the biases inherent in past and present archival practice.

Public Humanities: University and community partners consider the public implications of humanities outside of university life.

Textuality, Materiality and Reading Practices: Scholars from multiple disciplines discuss shared textual work across different geographical and temporal foci.

Comparative Diplomatics: A faculty-graduate student working group started by the Comparative Antiquities network, a Humanities Council Global Initiative. Current working groups are sponsored by the Center for Collaborative History with support from the Program in Medieval Studies.

omar khayyam poems

Historical Poetics: Historical poetics is discussed across several different fields of study—Early Modern, Eighteenth Century, Romantic, Victorian, and Modernism.

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