Behrman Undergraduate Society of Fellows

Juniors and seniors who are committed to the study of humanistic inquiry meet formally once a month during term to discuss and debate matters of common interest in the company of a few members of the faculty and distinguished guests. Additional events are scheduled throughout the year.

2021-22 Director: Jeff Dolven, Professor of English

Associate Director: Bora Yoon, Music

Meet the 2021-22 members

Guests have included:

  • Dr. Nasser Abourahme (School of Architecture)
  • Professor Bridget Alsdorf (Art & Archaeology)
  • Professor Yelena Baraz (Classics)
  • Professor Bill Bialek (Physics)
  • Professor Ann Blair (History, Harvard University)
  • Dr. Noah Buchholz (Linguistics)
  • Professor Michael Cook (Near Eastern Studies)
  • Professor Matthew Desmond (Sociology)
  • Professor Maria DiBattista (English and Comparative Literature)
  • Professor Rubén Gallo (Spanish & Portuguese Languages and Cultures)
  • Professor Bill Gleason (English)
  • Dr. Dannelle Gutarra Cordero (African American Studies)
  • Professor Wendy Heller (Music)
  • Professor Thomas Laqueur (History, University of California at Berkeley)
  • Professor Simone Marchesi (French & Italian)
  • Dr. Zia Mian (Princeton School of Public and International Affairs)
  • Professor Eziaku Nwokocha (Religion)
  • Professor Joyce Carol Oates (Creative Writing)
  • Dr. Natalie Prizel (English, Society of Fellows)
  • Professor Kim Lane Scheppele (Princeton School of Public and International Affairs)
  • President Shirley Tilghman
  • Professor Autumn Womack (African American Studies)
  • Professor Michael Wood (English)
  • Professor Monica Youn (Lewis Center for the Arts)
How to Apply

Prepare the following:

  • Identify 3 college courses that have been of great value to you and for each course write 3-4 sentences explaining why
  • Write a one-page letter to the Committee explaining why you wish to be a member of the Behrman Undergraduate Society of Fellows and what you would like it ideally to be
  • Identify two Princeton faculty members who can attest to your academic achievement, interest in the humanities, and potential for the Society
  • Order your official transcript in PDF format

Complete the application using the above information.


The deadline for the 2022-2023 academic year application is Friday, April 1, 2022.

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