Calendar of Events

Room N107, School of Architecture Room N107, School of Architecture, Princeton, NJ, United States


Michelle Kuo, MoMA

Program in Media and Modernity
School of Architecture

Mellon Forum // Smallpox and Slavery in the Early Modern Atlantic World: A Digital History

Elise Mitchell, Department of History; Maria Taylor, PIIRS

Princeton-Mellon Initiative in Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities
216 Aaron Burr Hall , United States

Historias para lo que viene: Podcasting for Social Justice in Colombia

Catalina Muñoz, Universidad de los Andes, PLAS Visiting Research Scholar

Program in Latin American Studies
010 East Pyne Princeton, NJ, United States

2022-23 Old Dominion Public Lecture Series – “ The Harvest Indeed is Great, but the Labourers are Few”: Strangers in the Medieval Countryside

William Jordan, Department of History

Humanities Council
10 McCosh

Edward Said Memorial Lecture: On “Perfect Victims” and the Politics of Appeal

Mohammed El-Kurd, writer and poet

Edward W. Said '57 Memorial Lecture Fund; Princeton Committee on Palestine; Department of English
211 Dickinson Hall or Zoom

Medieval Black Sea Seminar Series

Yulia Mikhailova, New Mexico Tech; Christian Raffensperger, Wittenberg University

Center for Collaborative History
101 Friend Center

James A. Moffett ’29 Lectures in Ethics – Dignity and Historical Injustice: An Albanian Family’s History

Lea Ypi, London School of Economics and Political Science

University Center for Human Values
Green Hall 1-C-4C

Museumverse: Incorporating Virtual Reality and Digital Technologies into Art History Research and Curatorial Strategies

Humanities Council; Keller Center
A71 Louis A. Simpson Building

Art Exhibition as Work-in-Progress

Thyago Nogueira, Instituto Moreira Salles; Juliana Dweck, Princeton University Art Museum; João Biehl, Department of Anthropology, Brazil LAB

PIIRS' Brazil LAB; Princeton University Art Museum
Chancellor Green Rotunda Princeton, NJ, United States

Tlingit Art, Spirit, and Ancestry: Healing Histories of Dispossession

Land, Language, and Art: A Humanities Council Global Initiative; Princeton University Art Museum
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