Visiting Fellows 2020-21

The Humanities Council welcomes four Long-Term Visiting Fellows s to Princeton University for the 2020-2021 academic year. Chairs of humanities departments nominated scholars from around the world, with support from directors of interdisciplinary programs in the humanities.

Long-Term Visiting Fellows will teach one course during the fall or spring semester. Short-Term Visiting Fellows traditionally participate in lectures, classes, colloquia, and informal discussions for an intensive three- to five-day visit. Public lectures will be posted on the Council’s campus-wide Calendar of Events.

Long-Term Visiting Fellows

Fall 2020

Lisa Dwan
Irish performer, director, writer and scholar
Course: Topics in Drama: The Antigone Project

Lisa Dwan will serve as a Long-Term Visiting Fellow in the Humanities Council and Department of English. She will teach “Topics in Drama: The Antigone Project.” The class will explore how playwrights have reworked the ancient Greek play Antigone by Sophocles to provoke questions about navigating contradictory demands, taking responsibility for one’s actions, and challenging the power of a sovereign.

Short-Term Visiting Fellows

Spring 2021

Chris Wickham
Professor of Medieval History (emeritus), University of Oxford

Professor Wickham is currently writing a comparative history of the Mediterranean ca. 950–1180, synthesizing textual and archeological evidence for long-distance and regional exchange. His most recent book is Medieval Europe (Yale UP, 2016). He is the Whitney J. Oates Short-Term Visiting Fellow in the Humanities Council and the Department of Near Eastern Studies.

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