Current Collaborative Humanities Projects

Several large-scale research and teaching collaborations receive support from the Humanities Council to spark and develop new collaborations at Princeton and to develop multi-institutional collaborations and scholarly networks across the globe.

Learn more about Collaborative Humanities Grants and Global Initiatives, as well as the Council’s other major funding opportunities.

Global Initiatives

  • International Network for Comparative Humanities
    Maria DiBattista (English and Comparative Literature)

This initiative supports a working group of literary scholars from both sides of the Atlantic dedicated to promoting the comparative study of humanities. The ongoing grant will support the further consolidation and expansion of INCH, including workshops to be held at the Princeton Athens Center, in collaboration with the Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies.

  • Rome Archive and Library Seminar
    Anthony Grafton (History)

This renewed three-year Global Initiative provides partial support for a summer graduate seminar held in Rome, in partnership with the University of Notre Dame, where students will study archives in the Vatican Library, the National Library, and the Jesuit Archive, and allow curators and scholars to share their experience working with these materials.

  • Land, Language and Art
    Sarah Rivett (English, American Studies) with Simon Morrison (Music, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Fund for Canadian Studies); Bryan Just (Art & Archaeology); Laura Kalin (Linguistics, Humanities Council); Tessa Desmond (American Studies); Daniel Rubenstein (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

This new three-year project, from the Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative at Princeton, supports initiatives to foster new methodologies and modes of knowledge production in three areas of research and learning that are central to Indigenous Studies: land, language, and art.

  • Rome Archive and Library Seminar
    Anthony Grafton (History)

This three-year grant provides partial support for a summer graduate seminar held in Rome, in partnership with the University of Notre Dame, where students will study archives in the Vatican Library and Archive, the National Library, and the Jesuit Archive, and allow curators and scholars to share their experience working with these materials.

Collaborative Humanities

  • Climate Stories Incubator
    Allison Carruth (Effron Center and High Meadows Environmental Institute); Barron Bixler (High Meadows Environmental Institute); John Higgins (Geosciences); Tim Szetela (Lewis Center for the Arts)

Led by Allison Carruth’s Blue Lab, the Climate Stories Incubator is a research-driven creative experiment to take stock of and narrate lived experiences of both climate change and climate action. This Collaborative Humanities Grant will support four major projects over two years, which include audio documentary, longform science reporting, creative nonfiction and still photography as well as digital animation, story mapping and data visualization. This project is also supported by the Dean for Research Innovation Funds.

  • Princeton Food Project Phase II
    Tessa Lowinske Desmond (Effron Center); Anne Cheng (English); Andrew Chignell (Religion); Hanna Garth (Anthropology); Daniel Rubenstein (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology); Shana Weber (Office of Sustainability)

Initially supported by a Magic Grant, the Princeton Food Project brings together scholars, activists, and thought leaders to explore, imagine, and think critically about food studies. This new, three-year Collaborative Humanities Grant will support lunchtime workshops on a range of innovative topics, co-sponsored events throughout the year, including a daylong symposium on food ethics.

  • Aristotle in the Americas
    Hendrik Lorenz (Philosophy)

This three-year project will build on existing links with institutions in Latin America by establishing a collaborative framework that includes faculty members and graduate students at Princeton, and in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. The Collaborative Humanities Grant will support a number of short-term graduate student researchers, as well as three workshops to be held in consecutive years in Princeton, São Paulo, and Mexico City.

  • Art Hx: The Visual and Medical Legacies of British Colonialism
    Anna Arabindan-Kesson (Art & Archaeology and African American Studies)

This two-year grant will support artists-in-residence, fellows, and community-focused programing for Art Hx, an ongoing project that explores the historical, and ongoing, entanglements of art, race, and colonial medicine through the curation of a digital database and research platform.

    Beatrice Kitzinger (Art & Archaeology); Jamie Reuland (Music)

This three-year project, which was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, develops an interdisciplinary working group devoted to the study of the Middle Ages. It will foster collaboration between scholars and artists and promote the visibility of Medieval Studies through programming in the performing arts.

  • Organizing Stories: Toward a Scholarly-Activist Praxis
    Autumn M. Womack (African American Studies); Monica Huerta (English, American Studies)

This ongoing student-driven project investigates the long history of anti-racist activism, racial justice organizing, and coalition-building as it relates to questions of narrative, storytelling, and humanistic study. By creating new avenues of exchange between Princeton University and community-based social justice work, students and activists will imagine new ways to support and amplify a scholarly-activist praxis.

  • Waldemar Cordeiro: Bits of the Planet
    Rachel Price (Spanish and Portuguese)

This digital exhibition focuses on the pioneering paintings and sculpture, media theory, early computer art, and landscape architecture of Brazilian artist Waldemar Cordeiro (Rome 1925—São Paulo 1973). This grant will support an artist to innovate the infrastructure for the exhibition.

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