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Wed, 9/27 · 6:00 pm · Labyrinth Books

Civic Storytelling: The Rise of Short Forms and the Agency of Literature with Florian Fuchs & Daniel Heller Roazen

Florian Fuchs, Freie Universität Berlin; Daniel Heller-Roazen, Comparative Literature and Humanities Council

Labyrinth Books; Humanities Council; German Department; Department of Comparative Literature

Wed, 10/4 · 6:00 pm · Labyrinth Books

LLL Presents Peter Brown & Jack Tannous – “Journeys of the Mind: A Life in History”

Peter Brown, Jack Tannous

Tue, 10/10 · 7:00 pm · Princeton Public Library

LLL Presents Boo Trundle & Christie Henry – “The Daughter Ship: A Novel”

Boo Trundle, Christie Henry

Thu, 10/12 · 4:30 pm · Labyrinth Books

LLL Presents Drew Gilpin Faust & Shirley Tilghman – “Necessary Trouble: Growing up at Mid-Century”

Drew Gilpin Faust, Shirley Tilghman

Wed, 11/1 · 6:00 pm · Labyrinth Books

Ukrainian Poetry in Translation with Ilya Kaminsky, Katie Farris, Maya Chabra, Andrew Janco & Olga Livshin

Ilya Kaminsky, Katie Farris, Maya Chabra, Andrew Janco, Olga Livshin

Thu, 11/2 · 7:00 pm · McCarter Theater

An Evening with Jhumpa Lahiri & Zahid Chaudhary

Jhumpa Lahiri, Zahid Chaudhary

Wed, 11/8 · 6:00 pm · Labyrinth Books

LLL Presents Angus Deaton & Matthew Desmond: “Economics in America”

Angus Deaton, Matthew Desmond

Wed, 11/15 · 6:00 pm · Labyrinth Books

Philip Pettit & Fintan O’Toole: “The State”

Philip Pettit, Fintan O'Toole

Thu, 11/16 · 6:00 pm · Labyrinth Books

Michael Wood: “Marcel Proust”

Michael Wood

Wed, 11/29 · 6:00 pm · Labyrinth Books

Melissa Lane & Benjamin Morison – “Of Rule and Office: Plato’s Ideas of the Political”

Melissa Lane, Benjamin Morison

Sun, 12/3 · 11:00 am · Princeton Public Library

LLL Presents Mihret Sibhat & Wendy Belcher – “The History of a Difficult Child: a Novel”

Mihret Sibhat, Wendy Belcher

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