Calendar of Events

Arthur Lewis Auditorium, Robertson Hall Arthur Lewis Auditorium, Robertson Hall, Princeton, NJ, United States

Immersion: Reporting From Within Vulnerable Communities

Nadja Drost, Journalism; Kathryn Edin, SPIA; Andrea Elliott, Journalism; Rena Lederman, Anthropology

Program in Journalism; Department of Anthropology; Princeton School of Public and International Affairs
Green Hall 0-S-6 Princeton, NJ, United States

The ‘Cross of Gold’ revisited: Money and Populism in the Age of Empire

Rosalind Morris, Columbia University

Center for Culture, Society and Religion
300 Wallace Hall

Europe and the Wolf: Militant Economies of Sound in Pere Portabella and Carles Santos

Sara Nadal-Melsió, Slought Foundation

Department of Spanish and Portuguese
298 Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building

A Conversation with Sandy Ouvrier

Sandy Ouvrier, Paris National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts

Department of French and Italian; Center of Excellence; L’Avant-Scène
Betts Auditorium

Born Under Punches

David Goodman, IE School of Architecture and Design

School of Architecture
105 Chancellor Green

“Politically Red”

Sara Nadal-Melsió, Slought Foundation; Eduardo Cadava, Department of English

Department of Spanish and Portuguese
211 Dickinson Hall or Zoom

THAT’S HISTORY? Thirty Years After the End of Apartheid

African Humanities Colloquium; Center for Collaborative History; Humanities Council; University Center for Human Values
Chancellor Green Rotunda Princeton, NJ, United States

Ruha Benjamin in Conversation with Chris Gilliard

Chris Gilliard, Macomb Community College; Ruha Benjamin, African American Studies

Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students
144 Louis A. Simpson Building

Translation as a Multiplayer Game

Neil Blackadder, Princeton University Translator in Residence

Program in Translation & Intercultural Communication; Humanities Council

A Constitutional Coup in Israel: Background, Causes, Consequences

Yair Sagy, University of Haifa

Department of History; Program in Near Eastern Studies; University Center for Human Values
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