Calendar of Events

103 Scheide Caldwell

“Between Empires: Greek Slaves and Renegades in Ottoman North Africa (1600-1830)”

Constantine Theodoridis, History

Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies
A71 Louis A. Simpson Building

Dangerous Flight: Amerindian Featherwork, Michelangelo, and the Violence of Natural History

Jessica Maratsos, University of Cambridge

Program in Italian Studies
202 Jones Hall

The Lost Chan Buddhist Teachings for Merchants in Khara-Khoto codex TK132 (and why they matter)

Jason Protass, Brown University

East Asian Studies Program
219 Aaron Burr Hall

CANCELLED: Under the Skin of History: A Conversation with Amazonian Indigenous Artist Denilson Baniwa

Denilson Baniwa, Indigenous artist; with Ikaika Ramones, Anthropology; Irene Small, Art & Archaeology; Lilia Moritz Schwarcz, Spanish & Portuguese

Brazil LAB; Department of Anthropology; Princeton University Art Museum
Labyrinth Books 122 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ, United States

I Just Keep Talking: A Life in Essays

Nell Irvin Painter, History, Emerita; Ruha Benjamin, African American Studies

Labyrinth Books; Humanities Council; Department of African American Studies; Center for Collaborative History
302 Frist

The Boy from Clearwater: Book 1

Yu Pei-Yun 游珮芸, author; Zhou Jian-Xin 周見信, illustrator; Lin King 金翎, translator

East Asian Studies Program; TAPA; Taipei Cultural Center in New York; Department of East Asian Studies
Betts Auditorium

Princeton French Film Festival | Screening of “Houria (2022)

Princeton Film Festival Society

“Flentem Dicere Verum:” On non-satirical Latin Satires

Kurt Smolak, University of Vienna

Department of Classics; Eberhard L. Faber 1915 Memorial Fund in the Humanities
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