Council welcomes University community to 11th Annual Colloquium

September 1, 2017
Council welcomes University community to 11th Annual Colloquium featuring a panel titles "Is There Progress in the Humanities".

Contested ideas of progress—and decline—exert tremendous pressure on contemporary public life and universities.  They also reveal diverse visions of humanistic inquiry and its purposes.  At our Annual Colloquium on Monday, September 11, the Humanities Council invites the University community to a spirited conversation about progress, and its many manifestations. Princeton faculty from a variety of disciplines explore how responses to this question impacts their teaching and research.

The colloquium opens with a keynote by Jeremy Adelman, (History), who asks whether global history can create new opportunities for engaged humanities and whether humanities can help us think about global integration anew.

This year’s faculty panel features a discussion between Maria DiBattista, (English and Comparative Literature), Anthony Grafton (History), Thomas Kelly (Philosophy), and Marina Rustow (Near Eastern Studies and History).

The Colloquium will be chaired and introduced by Esther Schor (English and Acting Chair, Humanities Council).  The panel discussion will be moderated by Eric Gregory (Religion and Chair, Humanities Council).

With this 11th Annual Colloquium,  Humanities Council launches the new academic year, which promises many exciting events, initiatives and collaborations (see our campus-wide Calendar of Events).

For full event details.

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