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Maria DiBattista

Charles Barnwell Straut Class of 1923 Professor of English; Professor of English and Comparative Literature and Old Dominion Professor (2017-18)

Maria DiBattista

Maria DiBattista works in 20th century literature and culture, with special emphasis on the English, American, and European novel, modernist autobiography, and American film. Her publications include two books on Virginia Woolf, a study of modernist narratives of First Love, and a genealogy of novelistic character from Cervantes to Naipaul. She is also the author of Fast Talking Dames, which celebrates the verbal genius of American film comedy of the thirties and forties, and coeditor of The Cambridge Guide to Autobiography and Modernism and Autobiography. She has recently published a book, co-authored with her colleague Deborah Nord, entitled At Home in the World: Women Writers, Public Lives, which examines women’s political writings from Jane Austen to the present day.

Project: Modernist Portraiture: Literature, Painting, Photography, Film