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Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative at Princeton (NAISIP) emerges

For the creation of NAISIP, the Humanities Council awards an Exploratory Grant in Collaborative Humanities for 2021–22 to Sarah Rivett (English, American Studies). Including through a working group, the project envisions new forms of scholarship.


Being Human comes to North America

The Humanities Council becomes the first institution on the continent to host this international humanities festival, originating in the United Kingdom, that unites scholars and townspeople.


Certificate in Journalism launches

Building on over 60 years of support for teaching and practicing journalism, the new certificate boosts exposure to the contemporary media landscape, world affairs, and techniques across different technologies.


Behrman Professorship in the Humanities commences

For this annual appointment in the Humanities Council, a tenured faculty member teaches for three years in the Western Humanities Sequence and other courses of the Program in Humanistic Studies. Afterward, in recognition, the Council provides a semester’s leave. Esther Schor (English) first holds the position.


Humanities Mentors, Symposiarchs, and Scribes debut

The Humanities Council creates these three programs to institutionalize advising for undergraduates drawn to the humanities. Mentors, mostly alumni of the Western Humanities Sequence, help students write papers for the Sequence. Symposiarchs host social events where Sequence students bond with one another and seek essay feedback from Mentors before submission. As interns, Scribes produce digital materials for students.


Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) opens

The new organization applies technology to enhance teaching and research in the humanities. Its establishment follows a proposal by a Digital Humanities Working Group that includes members of the Humanities Council. Aspects evolve out of the Princeton Digital Humanities Initiative, a project started in 2011 with significant funding from the Humanities Council.

In the fall of 2019, the CDH launches the Humanities Computing Curriculum Committee (HC3), which unites Princeton humanists, technologists, and administrators for the sake of educating undergraduates through syntheses of the humanities and computer sciences.  Humanities Council Executive Director Kathleen Crown belongs to HC3 and sits with the Executive Committee of the CDH.

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