“If Everybody Knew”

What’s one thing you wish everybody knew? That’s the question host and producer Dexter L. Thomas Jr. asks in this new podcast from the Humanities Council at Princeton University.

Through conversations with artists, journalists, and scholars– from Princeton and beyond—“If Everybody Knew” highlights innovative Council-sponsored research, new ideas, and untold stories that could change the world. Or at least the way you look at things.

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Episode 4: …about Serbian internet slang and storybooks in the hospital (How We Talk, part 2)

In the second installment in this two-part series, Ameena Faruki ’22 and Sofia Pauca ’21 tell Dexter about their student research at Princeton.

Episode 3: “…about African drums and the Loch Ness Monster (How We Talk, part 1)”

In part one of this two-part series, Dexter speaks to Allie Mangel ’22 and Lucy Ellen Dever ’22 about their interdisciplinary senior thesis research.

Episode 2: “…about the bloody history behind our famous library”

In the second episode of “If Everybody Knew,” Dexter explores the history of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in Liberia and its connection to Princeton. Guests include Gregg Mitman, Simon Gikandi, and Jon Ort ’21.

Episode 1: “…about the black musical that disappeared forever, twice”

In the first episode of “If Everybody Knew,” Dexter investigates the lost history of “Shuffle Along,” a hit-Broadway show that debuted in 1921, just one week before the Tulsa Race Massacre. Guests include Caseen Gaines, Amber Iman, and Catherine M. Young.

Introducing…If Everybody Knew

Welcome to “If Everybody Knew,” a podcast from the Humanities Council at Princeton University, with host and producer Dexter L. Thomas Jr. Episode 1 will be available on December 1, 2021. Listen to the trailer and subscribe now, wherever you get your podcasts.

Meet the Host

Dexter L. Thomas Jr. is an American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Emerging Voices Fellow and a postdoctoral research associate in the Humanities Council. A scholar of international music and youth cultures, he holds a Ph.D. in Asian Studies from Cornell University, where he wrote his dissertation on Japanese hip-hop. As a journalist, he has most recently worked as an on-camera correspondent for VICE News Tonight, with documentaries appearing on HBO, VICE TV, and Showtime. Originally from San Bernardino, California, Thomas is a Fulbright Scholar, a News-Emmy winner, and contributed to Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage while at the LA Times.

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