Beatrice E. Kitzinger

Associate Professor of Art and Archaeology; Harold Willis Dodds University Preceptor


(609) 258-1516


2-S-7 Green Hall


Beatrice Kitzinger specializes in the art of the western Middle Ages. Her book, The Cross, the Gospels and the Work of Art in the Carolingian Age, examines intersections of artistic media, of pictorial and liturgical space, and of historical, eschatological, and ritual time primarily in manuscript illumination between the 8–10th centuries.

Kitzinger taught HUM 216–217, Interdisciplinary Approaches to Western Culture I: Literature and the Arts, History, Philosophy and Religion in Fall 2021, and is co-teaching ART 228 / HLS 228 / MED 228 / HUM 228: Art and Power in the Middle Ages in Spring 2022.

See full bio on the Art & Archaeology website.

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