People in the Humanities Council

Program Directors

Program Directors and Committee Chairs lead the interdisciplinary work of the programs under the aegis of the Humanities Council.

Yelena Baraz

Director, the Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts; Kennedy Foundation Professor of Latin Language and Literature; Professor of Classics

Beatriz Colomina

Howard Crosby Butler Professor of the History of Architecture; Professor of Architecture; Co-Director, Program in Media and Modernity

Marc Domingo Gygax

Director, Program in the Ancient World; Cotsen Professor in the Humanities and Professor of Classics

Yaacob Dweck

Acting Director, Program in Judaic Studies; Philip and Beulah Rollins Professor of History

Adam Elga

Professor of Philosophy; Director, Program in Linguistics

Devin Fore

Chair, Department of German; Chair, Committee for Film Studies; Professor of German; Co-Director, Program in Media and Modernity

Brooke Holmes

Susan Dod Brown Professor of Classics; Director, Gauss Seminars in Criticism

William Jordan

Director, Program in Medieval Studies; Dayton-Stockton Professor of History

Hendrik Lorenz

Director, Program in Classical Philosophy; Professor of Philosophy

Carolina Mangone

Director, Program in Italian Studies; Associate Professor of Art and Archaeology

Meredith A. Martin

Director, The Center for Digital Humanities; Associate Professor of English

Simon Morrison

Director, Fund for Canadian Studies; Professor of Music and Slavic Languages and Literatures

Jan-Werner Müller

2024-2025 Old Dominion Professor in the Humanities Council; Roger Williams Straus Professor of Politics; Director, Program in Political Philosophy

Kinohi Nishikawa

Director, Behrman Undergraduate Society of Fellows; Associate Professor of English and African American Studies

James Rankin

University Lecturer, German; Director, Center for Language Study

Effie Rentzou

Director, Program in European Cultural Studies; Professor of French and Italian

Esther Schor, Chair

John J. F. Sherrerd ’52 University Professor ; Professor of English; Chair, Council of the Humanities; Director, Stewart Seminars in Religion; Director, Program in Humanistic Studies

Joe Stephens

Director, Program in Journalism; Ferris Professor of Journalism in Residence

Jack Tannous

Associate Professor of History and Hellenic Studies; Chair, Committee for the Study of Late Antiquity; Director, Program in Hellenic Studies

Christy Wampole

Director, Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Humanities; Associate Professor of French and Italian

Carolyn Yerkes

Associate Professor of Art and Archaeology; Chair, Committee for Renaissance and Medieval Studies

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