Looking at an Object

A section of Romare Bearden's The Block II
A section of Romare Bearden's The Block II

The Council’s “Looking at an Object” series creates interdisciplinary panel discussions with faculty from across the University, who bring a variety of approaches to a single object of study.

Fall 2019

The Art of Being Human: St. Cecilia Through Poetry and Film

A Being Human Festival 2019 series of interdisciplinary events examining Edward Burne Jones’s luminous stained glass portrait of Saint Cecilia, featuring artist-scholar discussions, student presentations, and musical performances.

Fall 2018

Cold War Civil Rights: A Conversation about the Circulation of Protest Photos

In a conversation moderated by Juliana Dweck (Princeton University Art Museum), Katherine Reischl (Slavic Languages and Literatures) and Katherine Bussard (Princeton University Art Museum) discuss examples of photographs that did—and did not—circulate at the height of the 1960s protest movements in the United States, former Czechoslovakia, and former USSR.

Fall 2018

Humanitarian Photojournalism: A History of the Present

A Belknap Global Conversation looking at war photography and the history of photographic reportage with Visiting Belknap Fellow Susan Meiselas, photojournalists Peter van Agtmael and Sim Chi Yin, and Princeton University Art Museum Curator,  Katherine Bussard.

Spring 2018

Crowd Wisdom: Three Scholars Take on the Multitudes

In this panel discussion, Bonnie Bassler (Biology), Bridget Alsdorf (Art and Archaeology), and Goran Blix (French) respond to artists’ representations of crowds and share their visions of group behavior.

Spring 2015

Romare Bearden’s The Block II with Rachael DeLue (Art and Archaeology), Mariana Mogilevich (Architecture), and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor (African American Studies).

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