Humanities Council Publicity Guidelines

We encourage you to share the good news about your project, event, or initiative. This guide for publicity and outreach is designed to assist you when acknowledging support from the Humanities Council.

Digital and print materials

We ask that you acknowledge your grant from the Humanities Council in a noticeable location on all promotional digital and print materials. This includes websites, event listings, posters, publications, etc.

Credit line

The following sample credit lines are intended to help you when acknowledging support for your project. Ideally, publicity mentioning support from the Council should refer to both the Humanities Council, and the name of the specific grant as listed in your award letter.

For links to the funds themselves, please visit the funding section of the Humanities Council website. If your grant is not listed below, please contact Mary Cate Connors, Humanities Council Communications Manager, with any questions.

Click on the name of each Council grant below to view sample credit lines.

Magic Grants for Innovation

Your Magic Grant is intended to be the primary sponsor for your project, and we ask that you acknowledge it up front as “a Humanities Council Magic Project.”

  • e.g. “This event series is a Humanities Council Magic Project…”

In the special case that you are listing your project alongside co-sponsors, we ask you to acknowledge as “a David A. Gardner ‘69 Magic Grant from the Humanities Council.”

  • e.g. “This project is supported by a David A. Gardner ’69 Magic Grant from the Humanities Council, as well as…”

Collaborative Humanities Grants

  • e.g. “…a Collaborative Humanities Project from the Princeton University Humanities Council”

Working Groups

  • e.g. “…sponsored by the Humanities Council”


  • e.g. “…co-sponsored by the Humanities Council”

Special Grants

  • e.g. “…with support from the Edward T. Cone ’39 *42 Fund in the Humanities Council”
  • e.g. “…supported by the Eberhard L. Faber 1915 Memorial Fund in the Humanities Council”
  • e.g. “…with funding from an Edwin F. Ferris 1899 Grant from the Humanities Council”
  • e.g. “…with support from the Stewart Fund for Religion in the Humanities Council”

Long-Term and Short-Term Visiting Fellows

For publicity involving Long-Term and Short-Term Visiting Fellows, departments should refer to the Humanities Council invitation letters for official titles.

Event listings

Please submit listings for all events related to your grant at least three weeks in advance to the Humanities Council’s campus-wide calendar of events. This will ensure visibility of your project’s event and allow for the Council to assist in promoting your event in our weekly newsletter, on social media, and other marketing materials.  

Logo use

The Humanities Council has two versions of our logo which should be used when suitable. The colors of the logo should be persevered, and its contents should not be altered in any way.

Media relations

We ask that, when participating in any media interviews or promotion about your funded program, you acknowledge support from the Humanities Council. Please refer to credit line information for more details.

Share your success

The Humanities Council would like to assist projects in sharing your ongoing projects and successful outcomes. We may ask you to present your work at a public event or share your stories with our communications team. Please contact Mary Cate Connors, Humanities Council Communications Manager, with photos, story ideas, and outside media mentions.

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