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On two types of resumptive Ā-dependencies and feature-driven syntax

1-S-5 Green Hall 1-S-5 Green Hall, Princeton

Previous investigations into Ā-dependencies terminating in resumptive pronouns (i.e. resumptive Ā-dependencies) have reached different and often contradictory conclusions regarding the nature of resumption: some contend that resumptive Ā-dependencies are derived via movement, while others argue that they are not. This talk contributes to the ongoing debate and resolves the apparent paradox by arguing---both from novel data […]

Althusser in Yugoslavia: On the Pre-History of the Ljubljana School of Philosophy

111 East Pyne 111 East Pyne

Before Slavoj Žižek published The Sublime Object of Ideology in 1989—a work that marks his rise to international recognition—he was locally an already accomplished author of many books in the languages of Yugoslavia. This talk will discuss the wider context of social thought in Socialist Yugoslavia (1945-1991), beginning with the formation of a dissident, critical […]

Buddhist Practice Theory and Animal Ethics

008 Friend Center

In this talk on Buddhism and animals I depart from the approach taken in the recent book Unfortunate Destiny on animals in Buddhism. I am not going to be analyzing ideological and cosmological depictions of animals in Buddhist story literature. Rather, this talk will have real live animals today as its touchstone. It will zero […]

SoA | Brazil / Pertenencia & Pertinencia

Livestream in Betts Auditorium

LIVESTREAM: 4x4 = 16 | South American Women in Architecture The AIA DC’s Design Excellence Committee presents “Brazil / Pertenencia & Pertinencia” part four-of-four in their year-long series, 4x4 = 16 | South American Women Architects, which provides exposure and representation of unseen architecture, such as the agricultural pampas, the desert pacific beaches and the […]

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