Calendar of Events

Computational sociolinguistics: How lexical meaning is dynamically constructed across partners and communities

Louis A. Simpson International Building room A71

Why do we use language differently with different partners? In this talk, I will argue for a computational approach to sociolinguistics, which formalizes the obstacles standing in the way of effective communication and explains how people construct shared meaning to achieve their communicative goals with different audiences. Specifically, I'll present a computational model of partner-specific coordination […]

“Was There a Syriac Lectio Divina? The Development of Contemplative Reading in the Monasteries of the Church of the East (400-700 C.E.)”

103 Scheide Caldwell

Contemplative reading is a spiritual practice developed by Christian monks in the early Middle Ages. This talk traces the history of monastic reading in sixth- and seventh-century Mesopotamia. Ascetics belonging to the Church of the East pursued a form of contemplation which moved from reading, to meditation, to prayer, to the ecstasy of divine vision. […]

L’Avant-Scène presents Andromaque by Jean Racine

Whitman College Class of 1970 Theater

L'Avant-Scène presents Andromaque by Jean Racine Directed by Florent Masse and Performed by the L'Avant-Scène Troupe (Lana Gaige `24, Mikaela Avakian `24, Clément Herman GS, Madeleine Iselin `25, John Patrick `24, Gil Joseph `25, Flora Champy, FIT, & Florent Masse, FIT) Free and open to the public. Tickets required.

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