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CDH Collaborative Research Grant Information Session

B Floor, Firestone Library B Floor, Firestone Library

Join us at the CDH (B-Floor, Firestone Library) to learn more about our Collaborative Research Grants. Lunch will be provided. Zoom link available upon request.

Racial Rage, Racial Guilt: The Uses of Anger in Asian America

010 East Pyne

Asian Americans are conventionally described as “middle-man minorities,” outside of dominant racial paradigms of white and Black, adjunct to white privilege and exempt from the brunt of systemic violence directed against Black people. Historical accounts trace the origins of the in-betweenness of Asian Americans to the ways in which Asian coolie labor has served to […]

What’s in Universal Grammar? On participles and the inventory of grammatical primitives

1-S-5 Green Hall 1-S-5 Green Hall, Princeton

One of the goals of syntactic theory is to account for the distributional properties of grammatical units. My central question is whether the lexical categori(zer)s like n(oun), v(erb), and a(adjective), which are partially responsible for determining distribution, are associated with any intrinsic semantic content. I examine this question through the lens of participles. Based on […]

Displaced Decoration: Ethnographic Photography, Indigenous Portraiture, and the Rookwood Pottery Company

Green Hall 3-S-15

With their distinct markets, institutions, and specialists, the realms of fine art and craft today largely exist as parallel, specialized industries. When they do intersect, practitioners and observers typically offer two syntheses: craft “rises” to the institutional and aesthetic condition of art or supplements its exclusivity as a model of unalienated production. Yet fine artists […]

Paper Exhibitions: From Magazine to Museum in France and the Americas

105 Chancellor Green

“What do you think of the creation of a French museum of modern art?” the magazine L’Art Vivant asked in an enquête it issued in 1925. A year later, across the Atlantic, Forma, a journal based in Mexico City, announced the need for a “museum of modern American art,” which it enacted in its pages. […]

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