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When Pages Breathe: Immersive Elocution of Literature, an installation

CoLab Gallery, Lewis Arts Complex

Lecturer in Theater Chesney Snow and students in his fall course, “The Oral Interpretation of Toni and William,” present a multimedia oral interpretation of literature installation that examines speech as an aspect of fine art through the exploration of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, as well as the literary canons of iconic American writer […]

“Sensory Stimuli And The Construction Of Monarchical Power In Roman Processions”

203 Scheide Caldwell House

This workshop will focus on the sensory stimuli associated with the image of the Roman emperor in religious processions. Starting from one of the basic premises of studies on sensoriality – that sensations are one of the factors that construct reality – I will focus on the interaction between sensations and the stimuli that provoked […]

Africa & Byzantium at The Met

010 East Pyne

Art history has long emphasized the glories of the Byzantine Empire (circa 330–1453), but less known are the profound artistic contributions of North Africa, Egypt, Nubia, Ethiopia, and other powerful African kingdoms whose pivotal interactions with Byzantium had a lasting impact on the Mediterranean world. Bringing together a range of masterworks—from mosaic, sculpture, pottery, and […]

“EHL and ART478 Present… A Viking Funeral!”

Chancellor Green Rotunda Princeton

The students from ART478 “The Vikings: History and Archaeology” will present their final research projects as a collaborative scripted performance of a Viking funeral. The event is open to the public, and will be held in the Chancellor Green Rotunda from 4:30-6:00pm on Thursday December 7. Come learn how the medieval Norse buried their dead, […]

Gastronativism: Food, Identity, Politics

016 Robertson Hall

Book Talk by Fabio Parasecoli The table unites and divides: it connects those who get to sit around it and excludes those who have not been invited. In recent decades we have witnessed the rise of gastronativism, the ideological use of food to determine who belongs and who doesn’t in a community. The Italian political […]

“1784, Year of Quiet Revolutions in North American Empires” | Colonial and Revolutionary Americas Workshop

211 Dickinson Hall

The pre-circulated paper will be available one-week prior to the workshop. The paper will be available to the Princeton University community via SharePoint. All others should request a copy of the paper by emailing Jack Callaghan at Jessica Choppin Roney is Associate Professor of History at Temple University and Associate Editor for Critical Engagements […]

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