Calendar of Events


When Pages Breathe: Immersive Elocution of Literature, an installation

CoLab Gallery, Lewis Arts Complex

Lecturer in Theater Chesney Snow and students in his fall course, “The Oral Interpretation of Toni and William,” present a multimedia oral interpretation of literature installation that examines speech as […]

Readings from The Princeton Comics Notebook

Labyrinth Books 122 Nassau Street, Princeton

Students in E.S. Glenn’s fall Princeton Atelier course, “How to Write a Graphic Novel,” read from The Princeton Comics Notebook, an anthology of stories created over the course of the […]

Information structure insights from sign language anaphora

1-S-5 Green Hall 1-S-5 Green Hall, Princeton

Notions of topic and focus have been well-studied in sign languages, which - like many spoken languages -  tend to have word orders highly influenced by information structural considerations, along […]

Sex and Gender Complexity in Scientific Research

100 Arthur Lewis Auditorium, Robertson Hall

Researchers across disciplines  increasingly recognize the importance of accounting for the intersectional complexity of sex and gender. There is undeniable evidence that sex-related biological variables (such as chromosomes, hormones, external […]

Science and Social Justice Salon: Sex and Gender Complexity

056 Bernstein Gallery, Robertson Hall

The Science and Social Justice Salon series aims to build bridges between scientists and humanists interested in critically examining the social and ethical impacts of scientific work. The December Salon […]

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