Calendar of Events


When Pages Breathe: Immersive Elocution of Literature, an installation

CoLab Gallery, Lewis Arts Complex

Lecturer in Theater Chesney Snow and students in his fall course, “The Oral Interpretation of Toni and William,” present a multimedia oral interpretation of literature installation that examines speech as an aspect of fine art through the exploration of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, as well as the literary canons of iconic American writer […]

Kwartler Family Lecture – How did Helena of Adiabene Become Queen of Jerusalem?

A17 Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building Washington Road, Princeton

Join the Program in Judaic Studies for this year's Kwartler Family Lecture with Sarit Kattan Gribetz on Tuesday, December 5. Abstract According to the first-century historian Josephus Flavius, Queen Helena of Adiabene traveled from northern Mesopotamia to Jerusalem because she loved the Jewish God and wished to worship in the temple. Helena became a beloved […]

The Buddhist and the Ethicist: Conversations on Effective Altruism, Engaged Buddhism, and More

Labyrinth Books 122 Nassau Street, Princeton

In their eye-opening new book, an unlikely duo – the preeminent philosopher and professor of bioethics Peter Singer, and Venerable Shih Chao-Hwei, a Taiwanese Buddhist monastic and social activist—join forces to talk ethics in lively conversations that cross oceans, overcome language barriers, and bridge philosophies. Peter Singer will discuss their shared insights; please join us. […]

PISC Paper nº3: “Ripple Effects of Arabization. Coptic History and Memory in late-medieval Egypt”

202 Jones Hall

"This paper, part of my book project which traces the cultural consequences of Arabization in late-medieval Egypt, wrestles with the tidal changes in Coptic historical writing, from its initial Arabization, 11th–14th centuries. First, I consider the new features and rhetorical styles of the original Arabic sections of the History of the Patriarchs. I briefly situate these trends vis-à-vis contemporary developments in […]

L’Avant-Scène presents Fragments XXIII

Godfrey Kerr Theater Studio, Lewis Arts complex 122 ALEXANDER STREET, Princeton

L'Avant-Scène presents Fragments XXIII performed by students enrolled in FRE-THR 211 and directed by Florent Masse. The presentation will feature scenes from Dom Juan, Le Tartuffe, and Le Malade imaginaire by Molière, Andromaque and Britannicus by Racine, and excerpts from Ionesco, Koltès and Lagarce as well as Baptiste Amann, Penda Diouf, and Mohamed El Khatib. […]

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