Calendar of Events

McGraw Center Faculty Workshop: AI and Our Classrooms – Generating Images with DALL-E 2

330 Frist Princeton

This series of workshops will provide faculty the opportunity to do some guided, hands-on experimentation with generative AI tools, to reflect in community on the experience, and to discuss the tools’ potential impact on our teaching. Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptop for use during the session. DALL-E 2 is an AI system that […]

From the Cloud to the Resistance

010 East Pyne 010 East Pyne, Princeton

The paper discusses Abbas Kiarostami's 1979 film, First Case, Second Case. Completed at the end of the Iranian Revolution, just days before the Shah fled Iran and Khomeini returned from exile to take command of the newly-liberated nation, the film had to be significantly revised in the face of this historical scission and an uncertain […]

Sociolinguistic Challenges for Emerging Speech Technology

1-S-5 Green Hall 1-S-5 Green Hall, Princeton

As speech technology becomes an increasingly integral part of the everyday lives of humans around the world, issues related to language variation and change and algorithmic inequality will come to the forefront for citizens and researchers alike. Indeed, over the past few years, researchers across disciplines such as computer science, communications, and linguistics have begun […]

Our AI Futures: Critical Humanistic Perspectives

113 Friend Center

Widely known for her pioneer research at the intersection of science, technology, and politics, Alondra Nelson holds the Harold F. Linder Chair in the School of Social Science of the Institute for Advanced Study. From 2021–23, she was deputy assistant to President Joe Biden, and acting director and principal deputy director for science and society […]

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