Calendar of Events

Shimmers of the Fabulous: Intimate Touch and Public Sex in Queer and Trans Bombay

A71 Louis A. Simpson Building

In Bombay’s cruising parks, gay parties, pride events, and virtual spaces—what Brian Horton call queer sexpublics—queer sex, touch, and intimacy flourish. Though queer and trans people perpetually negotiate risk and rejection in search of love, sex and intimacy, queer sexpublics enable practices that allow them to both endure as well as play with state and […]

Art Hx Presents | Collectives in Crisis: Healing Through Storytelling with Neil Bardhan

Zoom Princeton

How can storytelling help us mend the social and material fissures that governmental policies often create between individual and collective care? Community integration is central to mental and physical wellbeing, but the healthcare needs of individuals frequently clash with policies crafted for the collective. On Thursday, April 13 at 12:30pm ET, Art Hx: Visual and Medical Legacies […]

Spring 2023 Anschutz Lecture | Talk to Me: A Story of Racial Capitalism, Coup, and Democracy

A17 Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building Washington Road, Princeton

This presentation excavates the life and times of Daniel Fignolé, a spell-binding orator and one-time president of Haiti. A political and rhetorical daredevil, he was one of the most charismatic, popular figures in that country’s history — and the father of its labor movement. But in June 1957, just weeks into his presidency, Fignolé was […]

“How Do We Think of Social Diversity”

East Pyne 010 East Pyne 010, Princeton

Today's call for diversity in the United States quite often reduces itself to body counts. René Zavaleta Mercado (1937-1984) confronted the question of respecting diversity in the analysis of social reality in the twentieth century. Luis Tapia’s Towards a History of the National-Popular in Bolivia, now translated into English for the first time, confronts this question not only […]

“Who Reads Greek in 3rd Century CE Oxyrhynchus?: The Jewish Community of Oxyrhynchus Before and After 117 CE”

103 Scheide Caldwell

Within the framework of his research project at Princeton University, Piotrkowski examines Jewish papyri discovered at Oxyrhynchus and seeks to test, inter alia, the generally accepted hypothesis that Egyptian Jews and Judaism were completely annihilated as an immediate outcome of the Jewish Diaspora Revolt (115-117 CE). In this lecture, which focuses on the literary papyri […]

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