Calendar of Events

Translation as a Multiplayer Game

144 Louis A. Simpson Building

We typically conceive of translation as a solitary activity, yet translating plays for performance – the focus of much of Neil Blackadder’s work – involves extensive collaboration with directors and actors as well as authors. And he is currently engaged in translating from two languages at once: Anne Weber wrote Ahnen in German and translated […]

A Constitutional Coup in Israel: Background, Causes, Consequences


Israel is undergoing a constitutional coup these days. Similar to recent developments in Hungary, Poland, and Turkey, the coup aims to subject Israel’s supreme court to the executive branch, change the way judges are appointed, and prevent any review of government actions or Knesset laws. The Princeton community is invited to learn about the coup […]

Mellon Forum || Christianizing Algiers: Reshaping Urban Identity by “Cross and Plow”

School of Architecture and Zoom

The presentation will center on the territorial interventions of the Catholic Church in Algiers in the 19th century, examining how the Church reshaped urban space in Algiers through the construction and conversion of buildings in order to advance its aim of resurrecting Augustinian Christendom in North Africa. The larger project from which this presentation is […]

Toward a History of Waiting: Social Hierarchy and Architecture

205 East Pyne

In early modern continental Western Europe, antechambers became standard in the residences of the elites. As a time-space infrastructure these rooms shaped encounters between unequals. By imposing spatial distance and temporal delays, antechambers constituted authority, rank, and power. Puff explores both the logic and the experience of waiting in such formative spaces, showing that time […]

The Ver-Fremdworteffekt. Adorno on Language’s Glitches

010 East Pyne Princeton

Theodor W. Adorno has written two texts on foreign words and how they affect language. These texts contain a theory of how something apparently universal gives rise to another, to a different, a differently universal universality. The talk will explore what this means structurally and politically. Frank Ruda is Chair of Modern and Contemporary Philosophy […]

Reception + Gallery Talk | Living Histories: Space for Reckoning by STOSS Landscape Urbanism + MPdL Studio

North Gallery, School of Architecture Princeton

How do we ensure that public spaces tell the complex and interconnected histories that have shaped our culture and inform who we are? How do we bring to light those stories that lie buried just beneath the surface of a society in ways that allow us to confront the harder and sometimes brutal realities of […]

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