Calendar of Events

Material Aesthetics, Tonality, and the Politics of Racial Mixture in Puerto Plata

216 Aaron Burr Hall

Since the late 1990s, the port city of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic has anchored a host of public and private efforts to remake the city center into a cultural heritage site. While the city’s large-scale restoration promotes an idealized image of its Victorian architectural past, the materiality of space has become a vehicle for affective […]

René Char’s Mobility

15 Joseph Henry House Joseph Henry House, Princeton

Rarely have René Char’s life and work been looked at from the standpoint of “mobility.” Combining approaches from the humanities and the social sciences, this lecture will argue that this polysemic notion can help pry open and intertwine several key dimensions of the poet’s biography, production, and legacy. Across space and time, across linguistic boundaries […]

“Securitas: Embodied Concept”

East Pyne 010 and Zoom Princeton

Our modern concept of national security has roots in ancient Rome. First attested in Cicero’s philosophical works, the Latin word securitas originally meant peace of mind in a strictly psychological sense. A century later, the phrase “the securitas of the Roman Empire” began to circulate, as if an empire could have peace of mind. By […]

Immersion: Reporting From Within Vulnerable Communities

Arthur Lewis Auditorium, Robertson Hall Arthur Lewis Auditorium, Robertson Hall, Princeton

Immersing yourself in the lives of others for weeks or years can yield insight into the plight of marginalized groups—refugees, needy children, communities of the street. It also presents ethical quandaries for journalists, sociologists, and anthropologists alike. Hear leaders in their respective fields discuss how they cope with the challenges, and the secrets they have […]

The ‘Cross of Gold’ revisited: Money and Populism in the Age of Empire

Green Hall 0-S-6 Princeton

Rosalind Morris’ work is addressed to the histories and social lives—including the deaths and afterlives—produced in the interstices of industrial and resource-based capitalism in the Global South. Those interests extend to the technological and media forms that attend or undergird these economies, and the forms of subjectivity produced in their midst. They also encompass the […]

Europe and the Wolf: Militant Economies of Sound in Pere Portabella and Carles Santos

300 Wallace Hall

This presentation is drawn from Nadal-Melsió’s forthcoming book, Europe and the Wolf: Political Variations on a Musical Concept. The book recuperates the Baroque musical concept of the “wolf”—the dissonant note that tuning systems of the time were intent on eliminating to guarantee the harmony of the whole. The first mention of the “wolf” as an emblem of […]

A Conversation with Sandy Ouvrier

298 Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building

A Conversation On Actors’ Training at the Paris Conservatory In French Moderated by Florent Masse, Director of L’Avant-Scène, Department of French and Italian

Born Under Punches

Betts Auditorium

David Goodman is Acting Dean, Director of the Bachelor of Architectural Studies and the Master of Architecture, and Professor of Architecture at the IE School of Architecture and Design in Madrid and Segovia, Spain. He holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from the IE Business School, specializing in Strategic Management and Organization Theory, with a […]

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