Calendar of Events

Articulating the Aesthetics of Democracy and Women’s Liberation: The Quest for a Decolonial Art history in South Korea

202 Jones Hall

Swept up by a nation-wide democracy movement in the 1980s, South Korea witnessed its streets, public squares, and art galleries occupied by a radical aesthetics of politics. During the “minjung art movement,” as it had come to be known by the mid-1980s, the subjectivity of “minjung” (literally, “common people”) signified a utopian horizon of popular […]

Debt Working Group: Narrating Debt

216 Aaron Burr Hall

This talk will address the links between debt and narration from a twofold perspective: it will examine narratological techniques in narratives of debt and consider debt itself as intrinsically narrative. Peter Szendy is David Herlihy Professor of Comparative Literature and Humanities. Among his recently published works in English: The Supermarket of the Visible: Toward a […]

Impermanent Blackness: The Making and Unmaking of Interracial Literary Culture in Modern America

Princeton Public Library and Livestream

Korey Garibaldi discusses his recently published book "Impermanent Blackness: The Making and Unmaking of Interracial Literary Culture in Modern America" with Kinohi Nishikawa. Korey Garibaldi, Assistant Professor in the Department of American Studies at the University of Notre Dame, revisits an almost-forgotten American interracial literary culture that advanced racial pluralism in the decades before the […]

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