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5000 Years of African Literature

219 Aaron Burr 219 Aaron Burr, Princeton

2022-2023 CREMS Faber Lecture This talk’s central claim is that Africa has a 5000-year literary history. Why does such a possibility remain almost entirely unrecognized? How well does the extant evidence support such a claim? And what difference might the answers to these questions make? The presentation takes up each of these matters in turn. […]


Room N107, School of Architecture Room N107, School of Architecture, Princeton

Video is everywhere—on our phones and screens, walls and streets, defining new spaces and experiences, spreading memes and lies, fervor and power. Shared, sent, and networked, it shapes public opinion and creates counter-publics in turn. This talk explores the ways in which artists have both championed and questioned video as an agent of world change, […]

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