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Princeton Phonology Forum (PɸF) – The Wheres and Whens of Affixation

113 Friend Center and Zoom

The third meeting of the Princeton Phonology Forum (PɸF 2022) will be held on December 2-3, 2022. PɸF 2022 aims to bring phonologists, morphologists, and syntacticians together to discuss the wheres and whens of affixation, which we take to include the following sorts of phenomena, both from an empirical and theoretical perspective: Infixation Mobile affixation […]

How did they learn? How did they teach?: Exploring Knowledge Transmission from Late Antiquity to the Early Modern

A71 Louis A. Simpson Building

Much of our modern knowledge is the result of centuries of experiments driven by human desire to record and pass down successes, failures and lessons learned. The timespan from the periods often called “Late Antique” to that called “Early Modern” offers enormous scope to explore the historical record of knowledge transmission across diverse social contexts. […]

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