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The Opposite of Cancel Culture: Shifting Opera and Ballet for a Multiracial Future

Phil Chan, author, co-founder of Final Bow for Yellowface

February 1, 2023 · 12:00 pm1:20 pm · 300 Wallace Hall

The Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Humanities at Princeton (IHUM)

As performing art forms of Europe like opera and ballet shift to serving diverse communities, how do they continue to uphold tradition and artistic legacy without resorting to canceling works with outdated racial depictions that don’t ring true with audiences today? Join author, choreographer, and advocate Phil Chan for a practical discussion on what a shift from a Eurocentric to a multiracial artforms needs to look like to survive in the 21st century.

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Co-sponsored by the Effron Center for the Study of America, Lewis Center for the Arts, and the Department of Music

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