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The Intellectual Lives of Hugo Grotius

May 4, 2018May 6, 2018 · 105 East Pyne

Drawing together scholars of philosophy, political theory, theology and literature, this multi-day conference aims to explore Grotius’ various projects and to place his work in conversation with contemporaries at a crucial transitional moment in European intellectual history.


Russ Leo (Princeton) Sarah Rivett (Princeton) Yaacob Dweck (Princeton) Rhodri Lewis (Princeton) Nigel Smith (Princeton) Sophie Gee (Princeton) Mogens Lærke (CNRS, IHRIM, ENS de Lyon) Steven Nadler (University of Wisconsin–Madison) Feisal Mohamed (CUNY Graduate Center) Henk Nellen (Rotterdam) Sarah Mortimer (Oxford) Eric Nelson (Harvard) Julie Saada (Sciences Po, Paris) Jan Bloemendal (Huygens ING) Jane Raisch (York) Frédéric Gabriel (CNRS, IHRIM, ENS de Lyon) Freya Sierhuis (York) Timothy Harrison (Chicago) Fara Dabhoiwala (Princeton) Mary Nyquist (Toronto) Sharon Achinstein (Johns Hopkins University) Julie Klein (Villanova) Michael Rosenthal (University of Washington) Jan Waszink (Leiden)

Seats are limited so please rsvp to rleo@princeton.edu

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