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The Archaeology of the European Steppe: Huns, Avars, and Other Bad Europeans

Falko Daim, Römisch Germanisches Zentralmuseum in Mainz

April 9, 2019 · 12:30 pm1:30 pm · 203 Scheide Caldwell House

Program in Medieval Studies, Comparative Antiquity Research and Teaching Collaboration

Falko Daim is a Short-Term Visiting Fellow in Comparative Antiquity: A Humanities Council Global Initiative. From 2003 to 2018, he was director of the Römisch-Germanische Zentralmuseum in Mainz. Before 2003, he was Professor at the University of Vienna and held several visiting professorships at international universities, among them Ljubljana, Los Angeles, Bratislava, Xi’an, and Bukarest. An archaeologist concentrating on steppe peoples and nomadic societies of Eurasia, his work looks at the western end of their activities that interact with sedentary groups in Europe in economic, social, religious, and political transformation.

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