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Reconstructing the Proto-Indo-European Stop System: An Experimental Approach

Andrew Byrd, University of Kentucky

December 6, 2017 · 4:30 pm6:00 pm · 1-S-5 Green Hall

Program in Linguistics

Andrew M. Byrd is an Associate Professor of Linguistics at the University of Kentucky.  Author of multiple academic articles and books on Proto-Indo-European (PIE), he spends much of his time investigating problems in historical linguistics that have been difficult (and sometimes impossible) to solve using traditional methodologies.  He is particularly passionate about educating the public about historical linguistics.

He recently finished work on Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal, a first person shooter set in the Stone Age, for which he led a team of linguists to create two languages based on PIE, and is currently at work on Proto-Indo-European Online, an online resource that teaches PIE as a spoken language.

You can follow him on Twitter @speakingprimal or access links to his work at  https://linguistics.as.uky.edu/user/2068.

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