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Politics of Contamination: Nuclear Impacts on Community Health

Arieann Harrison, Marie Harrison Foundation; Jessica Lambert, Wilderness Society; Mallery Quetawki, University of New Mexico

October 24, 2022 · 12:30 pm1:20 pm · Zoom

Art Hx, a Humanities Council Exploratory Grant in Collaborative Humanities; the Department of Art & Archaeology

Part of Art Hx’s new event series “Healthcare, Policy, and Politicization.” Pollution is a global threat, but not all are affected equally. Since outsourcing much of their industrial production, many Western cities do not suffer the immediate effects of pollution as severely as they once did. Similarly, while many governments are committed to nuclear plants, testing nuclear weapons, and mining uranium, the ill effects of these activities are not equally distributed. This is a crisis of health care.

How does the nuclear industry affect community health? Which communities are most affected? How has the landscape been politicized through nuclear policy? Within these political and ecological realities, what might models of care look like, either now or in the future? This conversation will consider how legislation, policy, and practice around nuclear power impact health and well-being.

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