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Medieval Faculty Colloquium: “How Tang Literature Became ‘Ancient’: Evolving Models of Tang Dynasty Literary History in the Northern Song”

Anna Shields, East Asian Studies

Tue, 3/19 · 12:00 pm1:20 pm · 209 Scheide Caldwell

Program in Medieval Studies

Please note that this event was rescheduled from February 20 to March 19. Please email Anna D’Elia with any questions.

The Program in Medieval Studies is pleased to offer the Faculty Colloquium series for Spring 2024. Anna Shields, Professor of East Asian Studies and Chair of Department of East Asian Studies, will present this lunchtime talk on Tuesday, March 19.

This talk explores a thread in the reception history of Tang dynasty (618-907) literature in the Northern Song (960-1127), focusing on emerging models of Tang literary development proposed by Song scholars. The new significance of “antiquity” as a value in Northern Song intellectual culture has been well-studied–as a catalyst for a revival of classical studies, the development of Neo-Confucian thought, and the flourishing of historical writing, among other things. But the impact of these trends on Song scholars’ views of literature and its historical development is less well understood. Certain Tang writers claimed to have achieved a timeless “antiquity” in their literary writing–how did those claims shape Song scholars’ attempts to map the trajectory of Tang literature? More broadly, to what extent could literary writing (wenzhang 文章) be conceptualized as a product of historical change? Song scholars’ answers to these questions reveal their new concern about the correct relationship of literary writing to historical circumstance, as well as competition over a still-emerging Tang literary canon.

Please RSVP Here. Lunch will be provided.

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