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Let Us Aim High in Creation – a Lecture in North Korean Propaganda Cinema

Dr Anna Broinowski

November 11, 2016 · 4:30 pm ·

East Asian Studies

Filmmaker and author Dr. Anna Broinowski is the only Westerner to date to have been granted total access to the movie studios, stars, directors, composers, writers and officials of North Korea’s powerful propaganda film industry. As part of her two film shoots in North Korea to produce her documentary and book Aim High in Creation!, Broinowski interviewed and acted for the top cinema makers working in Pyongyang today.

Featuring a library of never-seen-before North Korean movies (from pro-atom bomb thrillers, rom-coms and historical melodramas to military-shoot-em-ups), Broinowski’s masterclass is an immersive journey inside a pre-digital world that still shoots celluloid on non-sinc German cameras, is driven by ideology rather than profit, and remains stubbornly faithful to the techniques set down by ex-dictator (and passionate cineaste) Kim Jong Il in his 1987 Manifesto, The Cinema and Directing.

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