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Old Dominion Public Lectures: In the Ruins of Constitutional Government

Kim Lane Scheppele, Sociology; Woodrow Wilson School; University Center for Human Values

October 10, 2018 · 4:30 pm6:00 pm · 010 East Pyne

Humanities Council

Kim Lane Scheppele will deliver the first in the series of Old Dominion Public Lectures.

Around the world, democratic citizenries are electing leaders who proceed to dismantle previously existing constitutional constraints on the power of the executive. From Hungary and Poland, to Venezuela and Ecuador, to Turkey and Russia, and perhaps even to the United States, democratically elected leaders are eschewing checks and balances and rejecting independent judiciaries, media and civil society. These new autocratic leaders appear wildly popular and are often reelected. Why have democratically elected leaders with autocratic aspirations appeared across such a wide array of democratic governments at once? How have they undermined constitutional government and yet claimed democratic legitimacy? And what can be done to restore the promise of constitutionalism?

The 2018-2019 Old Dominion Professors are Michael FlowerSimon GikandiKim Lane Scheppele, and Sean Wilentz.

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