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Illuminating Incarceration in Antiquity Through Digital Humanities

Matthew Larsen, Religion; Caroline Cheung, Classics

December 18, 2019 · 7:00 pm8:30 pm · Princeton Public Library (Community Room)

Humanities Council
Professors Matthew Larsen and Caroline Cheung will show audience members 3D models of prisons, such as this one in the ancient Roman town of Cosa.

Historians, archaeologists, and other scholars have traditionally thought that no prisons existed in antiquity, and that prisons began with modernity in Europe and the United States. However, a closer look at the material and textual data indicates otherwise. Professors Matthew Larsen in Religion and Caroline Cheung in Classics will guide audiences into the history of incarceration in conjunction with the use of digital humanities. The instructors will start by canvassing global developments including those of the ancient Mediterranean. Next, the professors will teach participants about insights afforded by 3D modeling, virtual reality, and 3D printing technologies. Upon learning to handle such tools, attendees will use them to see layouts of entire ancient prisons, as well as experience one ancient prison through a virtual reality walkthrough of a 3D model. Lastly, the group will discuss its findings.

Open to the public.

This event is part of the Being Human Festival 2019 of the Humanities Council.


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