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Frankenstein’s Progeny: Science and Culture

Joyce Carol Oates (Creative Writing, Emeritus), Peter Singer (University Center for Human Values), Susan Wolfson (English)

November 7, 2018 · 4:30 pm6:30 pm · 010 East Pyne

Department of English, Humanities Council

A panel of talks: Gunnar Rice (English ’17), Madelyn Broome ( Astrophysical Sciences ’19), Joyce Carol Oates (Creative Writing, Emeritus), and Peter Singer(University Center for Human Values).

Gunnar Rice’s talk on Frankenstein politics and Madelyn Broome’s talk on Frankenstein, naming, and new science will be drawn from their prize-winning essays, seeded in fall 2016 in a Humanities Council/English seminar, “Frankenstein at 200″; Joyce Carol Oates will talk about literary progeny.


Chair: Susan Wolfson (English)

Gunnar Rice ’17:  Frankenstein and Interdisciplinarity

Madelyn Broome ’19: Frankenstein and Science

Joyce Carol Oates (Creative Writing): Literary Heritages

Respondent: Peter Singer (University Center for Human Values): Frankenstein and Ethics

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