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Conference: Thresholds

Organizer: Steve Chung; Erin Huan; and Franz Pritchard, East Asian Studies

May 4, 2018May 5, 2018 · 271 Julis Romo Rabinowitz

David A. Gardner Magic Fund in the Humanities Council

The second  Asia Theory Visuality Conference, this year  focusing on “thresholds”—as a mode of performative reflection on the openings, closures, opacities, limits, and impasses that constitute the work that defines our intellectual labor, but remains elusive and sometimes illegible.

These “thresholds” include: the contingent iterations of “Asia” (its spatiality, temporality, cultural and environmental specificity, ethnicity, and gender & sexuality); the “Theory” that is put to work (but may not work, or work with a limit); and the intermedial fluidity, flow, and interconnectivity that establish and problematize “Visuality.” These “thresholds” collectively suggest the presence of questions, issues, and methodologies that await critical excavation and collective thinking.

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