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Conference on Comparative Ancient Philosophy

March 18, 2019 · 301 Marx

Humanities Council’s Comparative Antiquity Collaboration

This two-day conference invites scholars to discuss, compare, and contrast pre-modern philosophy from different cultures across the world and time, without enforcing assumptions about what counts as “philosophy.” The speakers belong to various departments (not just Philosophy) and collectively have expertise in Africana, Islamic, Aztec/Nahua, Chinese, Christian, Greek, Indian, Islamic, and Maya philosophy and thought. The theme of the conference is “Values in Antiquity,” which is deliberately broad enough to include ethics, social philosophy, political theory, aesthetics, theology, and the philosophy of religion. With such wide-ranging topics and areas of expertise, the presentations and discussion should be very informative for all participants, both in terms of philosophical and historical content and in how to put these different traditions into dialogue with one another.

For full schedule, visit the CCAP site.

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