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Conference: Indigenous/Settler

Organizer:Sarah Rivett, English; Isabel Lockhart, English

April 4, 2019 · 010 East Pyne

Department of English, Humanities Council’s David A. Gardner ’69 Magic Project
"Weaving Water," 2013. Sarah Sense.

This conference takes place in Lenapehoking, on the occupied lands of the Northern Unami Lenni-Lenape. Our gathering acknowledges and pays respect to Lenape ancestors, peoples today, and the Lenape future to come – across Lenapehoking and the Lenape diaspora.

Primary sponsor: Princeton Humanities Council’s David A. Gardner ’69 Magic Project

Also sponsored by: Princeton University Center for Human Values, the Princeton Environmental Institute, and the Princeton University Art Museum

And thank you to the work and support of: Professor Sarah Rivett, the Princeton University Department of English, the Princeton Program in American Studies, and the Princeton American Indian and Indigenous Studies Working Group (PAIISWG)

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