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Chile 9/11 Series | Diamela Eltit: ‘Lumpérica’ 40 Years, A Symposium

Diamela Eltit, Chilean Artist

October 10, 2023 · 3:00 pm7:30 pm · 016 Robertson Hall

Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies
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Chile 9/11 | A 50th Anniversary Series of the Coup Against President Salvador Allende

This symposium is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the groundbreaking novel Lumperica by Chilean writer Diamela Eltit. This novel is now considered to be the strongest and bravest critique of the Pinochet dictatorship. A group of Eltit specialists will participate in a symposium dedicated to Lumpérica in all its complexity.


Diamela Eltit is one of Latin America’s most daring and highly regarded writers. Eltit began engaging with literature during the Pinochet dictatorship; she participated in CADA, a collective that staged art actions against the dictatorship, and published her first novels, Lumpérica (1983) and Por la patria (1986), to universal acclaim. Later publications include El Cuarto Mundo (1988), El padre mío (1989), Vaca sagrada (1991), Los vigilantes (1994), Los trabajadores de la muerte (1998), Mano de obra (2002), Jamás el fuego nunca (2007), and Impuesto a la carne (2010). She has been honored by organizations like the Modern Language Association in the United States and Casa de las Américas in Cuba, and has been a fellow of the Ford Foundation, the Fondo Nacional de Investigaciones, the Social Science Research Council, CONICYT, and the Guggenheim Foundation. Eltit has also been a writer-in-residence at Brown University, Washington University in St. Louis, Columbia University, University of California Berkeley, the University of Virginia, Stanford University, and Johns Hopkins University. She was Distinguished Global Professor of Creative Writing in Spanish at New York University for almost twenty years.

This series has been funded by a Magic Grant from the Humanities Council.

This event has been co-organized with the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

This symposium will be conducted in Spanish, and is free and open to the public.

Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies

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