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Belknap Global Conversation Keynote Address: Rescuing Economics from Economists

Michael Sandel, Harvard University

April 6, 2018 · 5:00 pm6:30 pm · 010 East Pyne

Humanities Council

Political philosopher Michael Sandel (Harvard) will deliver the keynote at the Belknap Global Conversation & Workshop on “Toward a Moral Economy: Rescuing Economics from Economists.”

The talk will be introduced by Esther Schor, Acting Chair of the Humanities Council, and followed by comments from Princeton professor of economics and humanistic studies Marc Fleurbaey and Margaret Levi (CASBS-Stanford).

The Humanities Council’s 2018 Belknap Global Conversation & Workshop on “The Moral Economy,” hosted April 6 and 7 by Princeton history professor Jeremy Adelman and Samuel Moyn (Yale), asks how we got here and what to do now. Princeton professors and guests from institutions across the U.S. tackle how we use the language of the market: what alternatives we have, and how we have set aside others.

The keynote will be live streamed on  https://mediacentrallive.princeton.edu/

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