New ‘Princeton & Slavery’ Research Cites Council Podcast

December 16, 2022

Jonathan Ort ’19 recently published a story entitled “What Princeton Owes to Firestone’s Exploitation of Liberia” on the Princeton & Slavery Project website. The research explores the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company’s history of forced labor in Liberia and how Firestone’s fortune has enriched Princeton University.

Ort cites episode two of the Humanities Council podcast, “If Everybody Knew,” hosted and produced by Dexter Thomas, former ACLS Emerging Voices Fellow and postdoctoral research associate in the Humanities Council. The episode featured Ort, as well as author Gregg Mitmann and Simon Gikandi (English).

The Princeton & Slavery Project investigates the University’s involvement with the institution of slavery. The project developed from a small undergraduate research seminar first taught in the spring of 2013 by Martha A. Sandweiss (History), which was supported by a Humanities Council David A. Gardner ’69 Magic Grant. The Council remains a primary funder of the project.

Ort, a Humanities Symposiarch in the Program of Humanistic Studies, took several humanistic studies classes while at Princeton and completed the Humanities Sequence, “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Western Culture.”

Explore more research on the Princeton & Slavery Project website.

Listen to more episodes of “If Everybody Knew” on the Humanities Council website.

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