The Humanities Council Welcomes Spring Visitors

January 24, 2022

The Humanities Council is pleased to welcome new visiting faculty and fellows this spring, who will contribute to exciting humanities research and scholarship at Princeton this semester.

Robyn Wiegman joins the Council from Duke University, where she is a professor of literature. She will serve as a Class of 1932 Visiting Fellow in the Council of the Humanities and the Department of English, and teach a graduate course on “autotheory,” a new genre of contemporary writing.

The Fund for Canadian Studies will host, as Pathy Distinguished Visitor, ethnographer Olga Ulturgasheva. She will promote interactions, collaboration, and educational opportunities between students and scholars at Princeton and in Canada.

Three distinguished journalists will join the Council’s Program in Journalism as visiting professors:

  • Barbara Demick is a longtime foreign correspondent and an award-winning author of three books. Her course, The McGraw Seminar in Writing: Covering Repressive Regimes, will explore the rise of authoritarianism around the world and teach foundational reporting skills for international journalists.
  • Michael Calderone is a media analyst and senior editor at The Hive, Vanity Fair’s online politics, media, and technology vertical. He will teach Politics and the Media: Power and the Press, which will examine the ways in which journalists work to hold those in power accountable.
  • Razia Iqbal is an anchor of Newshour on the BBC World Service and has been a journalist at the BBC for the last three decades. She will teach International News: Perspectives, Prejudices and Pitfalls, where students will investigate the paradigm shift in global affairs and journalism after 9/11. 

The Council is also pleased to welcome Abdul Wahid Wafa, formerly a reporter in the New York Times’ Kabul bureau and an executive director of the Afghanistan Center at Kabul University. Co-appointed in the Program in Journalism, Wafa will participate in journalism courses and events and advise reporting and writing projects about Afghanistan and the surrounding region.

Several spring visitors will co-teach innovative courses with Princeton faculty:

  • Nyssa Chow, oral historian, writer, and interdisciplinary artist, will co-teach Arts in the Invisible City: Race, Policy, Performance with D. Vance Smith (English).
  • Writer and curator Nida Ghouse will co-teach Humanistic Perspectives on the Arts: Curating Antiquities with Brooke Holmes (Classics).
  • Arminda Thomas is a dramaturg, archivist, musician and member of CLASSIX. She will co-teach Excavate/Illuminate: Creating Theater from the Raw Material of History with Catherine M. Young (Humanities Council, Writing Program).

Four Short-Term Visiting Fellows will also join the Council this semester:

  • Audrey Bonnet is a renowned French stage actress, who trained at Cours Florent before joining the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art. She will be a Belknap Visiting Fellow in the Council and the Department of French and Italian. 
  • Vincenzo De Risi, professor at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, will be a Whitney J. Oates Visiting Fellow in the Council and the Department of Philosophy.
  • Art journalist and culture critic Soraya Nadia McDonald will be a Belknap Visiting Fellow in the Humanities Council and the Lewis Center for the Arts
  • University of Toronto Professor Amira Mittermaier will be a Class of 1932 Short-Term Fellow in the Humanities Council and the Department of Religion.

Read a full list of new faculty fellows and program directors joining the Humanities Council for Academic Year 2021-22.

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